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School Term in times of Covid

Spring 2021 classes will be conducted online using Zoom. For this reason, there will be no preschool or elementary classes until we are able to meet again in person.

14-week session, Saturdays, January 16 to February 27 and March 20 to May 1

Saturday Schedule:

9:00 a.m. A1 Beginners, "Sterne", ages 13 and older
10:30 a.m. A2 Intermediate, "Sternschnuppen", ages 13 and older
10:30 a.m. B1 Advanced, "Kometen", ages 13 and older

Tuition: $140 one family member/ $100 each additional family member

Registration Deadline January 9, 2021: Register online. We do not have an online payment method. Make a check out to German School of Northeast Kansas and mail to :

c/o Michael Windheuser
1275 N. 1108 Road
Lawrence, KS 66044

Class Information
We are an immersion Saturday school. We teach using immersion or "comprehensible input" methods appropriate to the age of the students. The goal is to create a setting in which one hears German at least 90% of the time, without interruptions in English. In contrast to traditional methods of explaining, translating, and memorizing, we try to surround the student with language that is made meaningful by context, clues, visual cues, and dramatization. Without understanding every word, students create their mental German phrase list by sorting out what they hear, learn to guess and make inferences, and to respond appropriately. Reponses progress from physical gestures, to single words and short phrases, to full sentences, then finally, normal discourse. Some of the best tools for learning by immersion include songs, rhymes, stories, and games. So be prepared to have some fun. The word "Sprachvergnügen," which roughly translates "joy of language," captures the enthusiasum we try to generate.

The four class groupings are flexible and based on factors such as experience, student interest, and European proficiency classifications. We consult with parents and students about what suits best. Tuition is $10 per hour of instruction, paid for in 10 week sessions, with a 25% discount for each additional student from one family.


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