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School Term
The German School of Northeast Kansas (GSNEKS) offers Saturday classes, 2 semesters a year of 12 weeks each, with 90 minutes of instruction. The fall semester begins in September and ends in early December. The spring semester typically begins at the end of January and ends around May 1. Saturdays without class will be announced at the beginning of each semester.

Enrollment forms are available for download. Follow directions on the form to submit ahead of time, or bring it with you to register on the first day of the semester.

Class Information

We are an immersion Saturday school. We currently teach four groups using immersion methods appropriate to the age of the students. The goal is to create a setting in which one hears German at least 90% of the time, without interruptions in English. In contrast to traditional methods of explaining, translating, and memorizing, this method surrounds the student with language that is made meaningful by context and dramatization. Without understanding every word, students over time are able to create their mental German phrase list by sorting out what they hear, learning to guess and make inferences, and responding appropriately. Reponses progress from physical gestures, to single words and short phrases, to full sentences, then normal discourse. Some of the best tools for learning by immersion include songs, rhymes, roll play, and games. So be prepared to have some fun. The word "Sprachvergnügen," which roughly translates "joy of language," captures the enthusiasum we try to generate.

All classes meet simultaneously, 9:30 to 11:00 a.m..

Age groups available:
- Bären for students 3- 7 years old,
- Igel for children 7-14 years old, who can read and write in English,
- Sterne for students 14 years and older, learning German for the first time,
- Sternschnuppen for students 14 and older who have studied German previously.

The 4 groups are flexible, based on experience, proficiency, and interest. We consult with parents and students about what suits best.

Learning materials are included in enrollment fees. Students, except the Bären, must bring their own notebooks.

Saturday Schedule:

9:15 a.m.- Library time. Crates of German books, books on CD, music tapes and CDs, and videos are available for check out.
9.30 - Morgenkreis (Opening group circle time). All students assemble in the main hallway. Family members and visitors encouraged to participate.
9.45 - Classes
10:50 - Morgenkreis. Meet in main hallway. Family members and visitors encouraged to participate.
11:00 - Ende.


We meet in Reese Hall at Bishop Seabury Academy, 4120 Clinton Parkway, Lawrence, KS. This is a private school on a frontage road parallel to Clinton Parkway, accessible via Crossgate Drive. The frontage road deadends at Reese Hall, on the west end of the parking lot. Look for our banner near the entrance to Reese Hall. We are guests of the school; please be aware that we often share the parking lot with school activities taking place elsewhere on campus.

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We would like to hear from you!
Contact us via email
or our director at mwindheuser@gmail.com
or phone @ 785.218.9700
or find us on Facebook

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Direktor's Corner


Our friends in the KC Meetup group invite you to these opportunities to use German: 1st Tues. each month, Stammtisch at Kansas City Beer Company 305 W. 79th, KCMO, 6-9 p.m.; 3rd Tues. each month, Stammtisch at Affaere German Restaurant, 1911 Main, KCMO, 6-9 p.m.; and Konversationszeit, Panera Bread, 11022 Metcalf, Overland Park, on Nov. 8, 6-8 p.m.