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General Semester Information

The German School Of Northeast Kansas (GSNEKS) is open to all students who desire to learn the German language, enhance existing skill levels or simply want to maintain their German language skills by creating a German-speaking community that includes native speakers.

The GSNEKS accepts students from pre-school age through adulthood. The school year consists of two 12-week sessions, beginning in September and January, respectively.

All classes meet on Saturday mornings from 9:30 a.m. until 11:00 a.m..

In order to create an interactive and cohesive community of German speakers, each Saturday session begins and ends with an assembly - Morgenkreis - in which students of all ages participate. Family members who speak German are encouraged to participate in these opening and closing activities.


For younger students, we offer two classes, the Bären, for ages 3 through 6 or 7 and the Igel, age 7 through 14 years. Both groups will work with age appropriate themes that include stories, practice of conversational skills, and progressing to reading, writing, and role-play.

For adults we offer two classes differentiated by previous German experience. The Sterne is for beginners, focusing on basics such as greetings, pronunciation, and fundamental questions with simple answers. The Sternschnuppen is for students with previous German learning and/or travel experiences.

A team of dedicated teachers is developing the curriculum for the German School Of Northeast Kansas. German is spoken almost exclusively during instruction, to provide an immersion experience.

For class specific details, please following this link.

Classes are held on consecutive Saturday mornings unless otherwise announced. Saturdays without class will be announced at the beginning of the semester.

All classes are conducted simultaneously. Please arrive a few minutes early.

Library items (books, CDs, DVDs) may be viewed and checked out 9:15 - 9:30 a.m..

Bishop Seabury Academy, Reese Hall
4120 Clinton Parkway Frontage Rd (via Crossgate Drive)
Lawrence, Kansas 66047

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Tuition and Enrollment
Fall semester: $150 per student plus $30 registration fee. ($100 for each additional family member.)

Spring semester: $150 per returning student. $150 plus $30 registration fee for new students.

To enroll via email, please download and complete a registration form. Send to the administrator then pay at the first class. A registration document can be found at the top of this page.
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