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German Language School Conference (GLSC) publishes E-Notes, containing interesting and helpful information, including homestays in Germany.
Follow this link to find the archive or even subscribe.

German World Magazine recently published an article about learning German. You may find it interesting to read here - page forward to page 45.

We recently added General Language Student Resources to the site, maintaining language related information as referenced during class in one convenient place.

Concordia Language Village offers a week long adult German camp 'Waldsee' near Bemidji, MN
You may also find this article interesting.

Deutsche Welle is not only a TV station, it also offers free German language learning tools and resources. Take a look at Deutsche Welle - Deutsch lenrnen

Looking to find a German oriented publication in the US? Check out German World Magazine

The German Mission to the US recently kicked off its Do Deutsch campaign, aimed to raise awareness of the value of languange learning.

Points of Interest

Within this section of our homepage, we focus on German-American cultural roots in our area and/or research on languge learning.

"Small Town Germans: The Germans of Lawrence, Kansas from 1854 to 1918" a thesis by Katja Rampelmann, 1993.

Lingustic Atlas of German Dialects in Kansas. Research and presentations by Dr. Bill Keel, University of Kansas.

Herman Missouri
Nestled along the banks of the Missouri River, just 90 minutes from downtown Saint Louis and about 3 hours from Kansas City. The City of Hermann is a picturesque German Community offering Old-World hospitality and the quiet charms of an earlier time.


Resources for Bilingual/Multilingual Families

Bilingual Children Refusing to Speak the Home Language?
The early primary years are often a time of linguistic rebellion. For parents, children’s linguistic rebellion can be profoundly confusing and challenging...how should one repond?

Raising Bilingual Children - Omniglot
The First Five Steps to Success, by Christina Bosemark, founder of the Multilingual Children's Association

Raising Bilingual Children - Georgetown University
Common Parental Concerns and Current Research, by Kendall King and Lyn Fogle, Georgetown University.

Bilingual Family Newsletter
Bilingual Family Newsletter Archives.

Alphabet Garten
Alphabet Garten is an online store specializing in German language books, music, DVDs (both films and television series) primarily for children. Their book selection includes board books, picture books, easy readers and books for youth. They also carry the Ravensburger tiptoiŽ Interactive Learning System, various workbooks for learning German and learning to read, and some Trump card games. All of their items are chosen to encourage children to have fun and enjoy German. Schools and teachers are eligible for an educational discount.