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As the information discussed, reviewed and shared during class instruction is ever growing, we wanted to create a convenient and quick to locate spot our site to find all the 'good stuff'.
If you are missing anything, or simply cannot find it, please let us know! We are always eager to make the site better.

LinguaFolio is a form of self assessment. It can be filled out by the student, or jointly by student and parent, if the student is too young to write.

In addition to marking the “I can” statements that describe what the student can do, the student’s actual performance of a skill should also be documented. This can be in pictures, video clips, recordings, etc.

The portfolio grows over time and should be revisited about four times per year. Growth from Novice to Intermediate to Advanced will take place gradually, from childhood to adulthood.

LinguaFolio Adult
LinguaFolio JR

Preschool Curriculum Plan
Preschool children are in a sensitive period for language development. They absorb languages effortlessly and are adept imitators of speech sounds.

The GSNEKS Preschool Curriculum Plan has been developed with this in mind and outlines specific goals to be achieved in our Bären class.

Sterne Curriculum Plan
The GSNEKS Sterne Curriculum Plan can be conveniently downloaded here.